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Telehealth pathology requests

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology (DHM) has introduced a number of ways for doctors to request pathology for telehealth patients. Using one of the options below, generate a pathology request form to DHM.  

Please ensure a mobile number is included for your patient. A request form will be made available to your patient by SMS.

Complete an eOrder using PMS

In order to use this option, eOrdering must be activated on Best Practice or Medical Director.

For further information, please contact Client IT on 1800 653 779.

Use a standard request or download an interactive template

Fill in a form as usual, or alternatively, save the PDF file to your computer to complete. 

Email the or print and fax to (02) 9855 5609.

Access a form using Sonic Dx Tools

Login to the Sonic Dx app or

Click on Resources > Standard request Form and save the PDF file to your computer to complete.

Email to or fax to (02) 9855 5609.

Submit a telehealth request online

Click here to complete a digital form.

Submit the completed page to automatically send your electronic pathology request.

A request form is made available to your patient via SMS.