Telehealth pathology requests

DHM has introduced a number of ways for doctors to generate a pathology request for telehealth patients. Using one of the options below, email or fax a pathology request form to Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology (DHM) and we will manage, by SMS or phone, all further communication with patients regarding their pathology collection. Doctors do not have to send a copy of the referral form to patients unless they wish to. 

Download telehealth brochure              

Email or fax a standard pathology request form

  1. Complete the form as usual
  2. Ensure a mobile or phone number is included for your patient
  3. Email the completed form to or print and fax to (02) 9855 5609

Access an interactive telehealth request form using Sonic Dx Tools

  1. Log in via (enter your username and password)
  2. Click on Tools > Request Form 
  3. Download the PDF, save to your computer and complete the form
  4. Email the completed form to or print and fax to (02) 9855 5609