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Providing referring clinicians and healthcare professionals with convenient access to our pathology services and expert pathologists is the fundamental basis of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology’s practice. Our Medical Leadership ethos ensures that we are firmly committed to maintaining professional and technical expertise, personalised services and the highest ethical standards.

Our comprehensive range of pathology testing serves general practitioners, medical specialists, private hospitals, nursing homes and community health services, supported by ready access to our pathologists, liaison managers, senior  management and laboratory managers are readily available for consultation and discussion.

Micro Girl V5Our pathology practice offers:

– 24-hour operation, 365 days a year
– More than 95 pathologists, with specialists in all the major subdisciplines of pathology
– Highly qualified and experienced scientists
– A comprehensive range of routine and emergency pathology testing
– Rapid turnaround of pathology results
– An extensive range of in-house testing
– Innovative pathology report formats with customisable options
– Personalised options in reporting and other services
– Staff committed to providing a personalised service
– Patient accessibility with more than 500 pathology collection centres
– An extensive courier network
– Electronic downloading of pathology results via Sonic Dx
– A cardiac services department with an in-house cardiologist
Sonic Edu app is the online version of the Sonic Pathology Handbook and Sonic Skin Pathology in Practice
– Publications and on-going education for referring clinicians and their staff