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Sonic Genetics

Sonic Genetics, brings together the national and international expertise of Sonic Healthcare to provide doctors, patients and families across Australia with a comprehensive range of accredited genetic tests.

Headed by Professor Graeme Suthers, Sonic Genetics offers a broad range of genetics tests, to help clinicians and patients make informed choices about complex medical decisions. With the ever-increasing expansion of genetics and genomics across all facets of medicine, their assay menu is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure Sonic pathology practices remain at the forefront of this emerging field. 

Sonic Genetics employs a team of full-time genetic pathologists who oversee all our genetic testing and reporting nationally. Our specialised genetic testing laboratories, located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, are fully NATA-accredited.

Doctors can contact our genetic pathologists to discuss test selection and results on 1800 010 447.

For further information, please refer to the Sonic Genetics website.

DNA relationship testing

Defining the genetic relationship between people or tissue samples using DNA markers.


Mutation analysis of cancers to help clarify diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic decisions in cancer care.

Familial disorders

Identifying the genetic basis of familial disorders that affect children and adults.

Paediatric disorders

Childhood-onset disorders due to new cytogenetic abnormalities and inherited mutations.

Genetic counselling

Providing access to counselling services to assist in the management of genetic testing in families.


Analysis of genes involved in drug metabolism and hypersensitivity, allowing clinicians to prescribe with confidence.


Analysis of genes modifying the risk of disease or responsible for familial disorders of the immune system.

Reproductive health

Screening of couples prior to conception, or during early pregnancy, including non-invasive prenatal testing.

Our specialist genetic pathologists

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Name Departments
Dr Marina Berbic
BMedSc, MBBS, MScMed (RHHG), PhD (Med), FRCPA (Genetics)
Genetics Genetic Pathology Macquarie Park
Dr Melanie Galea
MBBS (Hons), BMedSc (Hons), FRCPA (Genetics)
Genetics Genetic Pathology Macquarie Park
Dr Samantha Sundercombe
MBBS (Hons), BSc (Adv), FRCPA (Genetics)
Genetics Genetic Pathology Macquarie Park
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