Our Pathologists

Our practice is based upon providing our referring clinicians and healthcare professionals with convenient and ongoing access to our pathologists for consultation and clinical support.

DHM prides itself on the personalised nature of our pathology service, and warmly encourages clinicians and healthcare professionals to contact our pathologists if they can be of assistance in any way.

Goldschmidt.C 2013Dr Colin Goldschmidt


Chief Executive Officer, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Chief Executive Officer, Sonic Healthcare

Farnsworth.AAdj. Prof. Annabelle Farnsworth

MBBS (Hons), FRCPA, FIAC, DipCytopath (RCPA), RANZCOG (Hon)

Medical Director, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Director, Cytopathology and GynaePath

Department Directors


Adj. Prof. Warick DelpradoMBBS, FRCPA, FIAC

Director, Histopathology

Clinical Assoc. Prof. Fiona MacleanBAppSc, MBBS (Hons), FRCPA, GAICD

Deputy Director, Histopathology


Adj. Prof. Annabelle FarnsworthMBBS (Hons), FRCPA, FIAC, DipCytopath (RCPA), RANZCOG (Hon)

Director, Cytopathology and GynaePath

Dr Melanie EdwardsBSc (Hons), MBBS (Hons), FRCPA, MIAC

Deputy Director,  Cytopathology

Dr Jennifer RobertsMBBS (Hons), FRCPA, MIAC

Deputy DirectorGynaePath

Clinical Chemistry/Endocrinology

Dr Grahame Caldwell, BSc (Med), MBBS, FRCPA

Co-Director, Clinical Chemistry

Dr Nick Taylor, BMedSc, MBBS, MAACB, FRCPA

Co-Director, Clinical Chemistry


Dr Fran HanlyMBBS, FRCPA

Director, Haematology

Dr Elizabeth BernalMBBS, FRCPA, MMgt

Deputy Director, Haematology


Dr Melanie Galea,  MBBS (Hons), BMedSc (Hons), FRCPA (Genetics)
Director, Genetics


Dr Karl Baumgart, BSc (Med), MBBS, PhD, FRACP, FRCPA

Director, Immunology


Dr Ian Chambers, MB, ChB, FRCPA, MASM
Director, Microbiology


Molecular Biology/Infectious Serology

Dr Michael Wehrhahn, BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons), MPH (Hons), FRACP, FRCPA
Director, Molecular Biology/Infectious Serology