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Genetic Testing: Preconception to Pregnancy 03-12-2018

Sonic Genetics provides a comprehensive range of preconception and pregnancy genetic testing services throughout Australia. Our genetic pathologists and medical scientists have established national and international reputations in genomic testing and this document outlines these testing services.

Customise your Patient's Medication: Information for Doctors 23-11-2018

Genes can account for 95% of how a patient will respond to medication, 1 in addition to age, weight, diet, gender, other medications or medical conditions, and smoking status. This means a medication and/or does that works for one person may be ineffective or cause side effects in another.

Incorporating pharmacogenetics (PGx) into clinical care has been shown to improve patient outcomes, 2-5 enhance therapeutic efficacy, 6 minimise drug-gene interactions 7 and improve clinical safety. 8,9 

Doctors' Newsletter Issue 3 2018 06-11-2018

Page 03 
Laboratory investigation of gastrointestional infections

Page 04 
Antibiotic sensitivities of common pathogens
Dr Miriam Paul

Page 06
Parvovirus B19 infection: Trivial except when it's not
Dr Ian Chambers

Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Swab Collection 01-11-2018
Collection Instructions
24-hour Urine Collection 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
24-hour Urine Histamine 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
24-hour urine uric acid with a low-purine diet 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
24Hr Blood Pressure Monitor 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
24Hr Holter Monitor 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
3 Day Faecal Fat 31-10-2018
Collection Instructions
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