Cutting Edge Pathology is an extensive, four-day system-orientated workshop for anatomical pathologists who are keen to hone their skills across a broad range of sub-specialties. 

Proudly presented by Sonic Healthcare and hosted by senior pathology leaders, the Cutting Edge Pathology workshop blends quality presentations with a series of interactive sessions, including glass slides to view under microscopes, virtual images, group discussions and lectures.

Location:    DHM Pathology, Macquarie Park

Date: September 23-26, 2019 

Time: Monday 8.00 am-Thursday 5.00 pm


  • Day 1 - Urogenital session
  • Day 2  - Bone, joints & musculoskeletal session
  • Day 3  - Gynaecological pathology session
  • Day 4  - Dermatopathology session


Scientific & Social Program

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       Cutting Edge Pathology