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Information for clinicians

Information on specific tests, conditions and diagnoses for referring clinicians and healthcare professionals.

Publication name Date
Allergic and adverse reactions to fish or seafood 2019
Antibiotic sensitivities of common pathogens 2018
Anti-Mullerian hormone & fertility assessment 2020
Assessment of prostate disease 2019
Autoantibodies 2018
Biotin interference 2018
BRCA Prostate cancer | Genetic testing to inform treatment decisions 2023
BRCA Ovarian cancer | Genetic testing to inform treatment decisions 2023
Cervical Screening | The next round 2023
Cervical Screening Test | Collection guide 2022
Cervical Screening Test | Flowcharts for 'Routine cervical screening (clinician- or self-collected)' & 'Investigation of patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding' 2022
Cervical Screening Test | Flowcharts for 'Transition to the renewed National Cervical Screening Program' & 'Test of Cure (ToC)' 2022
Cervical Screening Test | Information for Doctors
Cervical Screening Test | Self-collected HPV test 2022
Cervical Screening Test | Self-collect patient instructions 2022
Genetic testing in general practice  2023
Guidance for assessment of lipid status 2023
Helicobacter pylori & gastric cancer 2017
Laboratory diagnosis of allergy 2018
Legionnaires disease 2019
Musculoskeletal (including sarcoma) pathology 2021
Non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) 2020
Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in mental health 2020
Pharmacogenomics (PGx)| Personalise your patient's medication
Prostate grade groups 2018
Reproductive carrier screening 2023
Reproductive carrier screening | Understanding options  2023
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) | Swab and urine self-collection 2023
Skin cancer chart 2021
Skin cancer item number guide 2023
Sonic Skin Dx | Excellence in skin cancer diagnosis 2022
ThyroSeq | Clear results for thyroid nodules 2022
Urology update 2019