Sonic Skin Dx - a national centre of excellence

Excellence in Skin Pathology and effective patient management requires a collaborative approach between the referring doctor and the reporting histopathologist.
Sonic Skin Dx is a network of highly trained specialist histopathologists located at Sonic Laboratories across Australia whose expertise puts them at the forefront of skin diagnosis in Australia. 
This network provides local expertise and reporting, with ongoing interaction between national colleagues to maintain excellence in skin pathology reporting, and to share and discuss insights on rare or difficult diagnoses, as well as those diagnoses that require additional testing from other parts of our laboratory.
Backed by the resources of Australia's largest pathology company you and your patients are provided with specialist expertise from a local laboratory regardless of where it is within Australia.


SkinPath Vicki


Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology specialised centre of  excellence in skin pathology

Our skin pathology department is headed by Dr Vicki Howard, assisted by Dr Simon Clark. Both Dr Howard and Dr Clark have had extensive specialist training in dermatopathology, here and overseas. Together they lead a team of pathologists that specialises in dermatopathology. The collective expertise of this group of pathologists forms the foundation for our centre of excellence in dermatopathology. Our practice offers:

  • A depth and breadth of expertise in all areas of surgical pathology that can impact on dermatopathology. For example, within our practice there are internationally recognised experts in lymphoma and in soft tissue tumour pathology.
  • Extensive experience gained by referrals received from a broad base of clinicians, covering every aspect of dermatopathology. The range of material seen in our laboratory includes not only neoplastic and inflammatory disorders of the skin itself, but also a large number of related gynaecological, male genital, dental and ocular conditions, as well as disorders of the hair and nails.
  • The largest referral base in Australia. Some conditions occur only rarely however, because of the large number of specimens we receive, we have developed expertise in the more uncommon skin lesions.
  • The largest range of ancillary investigative techniques. We are the leader in obtaining and utilising cutting edge technology in order to establish accurate diagnoses.
  • A commitment to quality. Our dedicated scientific officers and quality assurance staff ensure the highest standards of specimen handling and laboratory management.
  • A commitment to education. We organise and conduct educational events both locally and internationally, for pathologists and clinicians alike.               


Skin Audit

We conduct surgical skin audits for practitioners who wish to audit their own clinical practice for the
collection of skin lesions. For further information contact Zita Dettori on (02) 9855 6070 or your local
Liaison Manager.

To view our main Skin Cancer Surgical Audit page, simply Click Here



Effective management comes down to accurate diagnosis

Our pathologists are world leaders - their experience, expertise, and commitment to professional development give you the assurance that the diagnoses we deliver are accurate and reliable. When we are presented with more obscure cases, we have the breadth of knowledge to deliver the answers.

We warmly encourage you to contact our specialist dermatopathologists if we can assist you in any way.

Skin Pathologists (Secretary)

(02) 9855 6257

Dr Vicki Howard (Lead Pathologist)

(02) 9855 5161

Prof Simon Clark (Lead Pathologist)

(02) 9855 6246
Skin Pathology Laboratory Manager (02) 9855 6241