Led by our team of expert medical and scientific staff, Sonic Clinical Institute (SCI) provides services of the highest quality, combining scientific and medical knowledge with fully automated equipment and technology.  SCI specialises in testing for legal purposes, timely reports, interpretations and consultations to referrers across the globe.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sonic Clinical Institute (SCI) is a specialised medical testing facility within the Sonic Healthcare group. Through Sonic Healthcare, Sonic Clinical Institute is serviced by national and international networks of collection and transport facilities.

Expert services in:


DNA testing to determine parentage and relationship including
   o Paternity
   o Maternity
   o Sibship
   o Immigration


Genetic testing for inherited disorders

  • Alpha Thalassaemia Gene Testing; C1 Esterase; Coeliac Tissue Typing; Connexin-26 Gene Testing; Cystic Fibrosis Genetic Testing; DAZ Gene Test; Type III Hereditary Angioedema Factor XII; Familial Mediterranean Fever Gene Testing; Fragile X Syndrome; HLA B1502; HLA B27; HLA B5701; JAK 2; TRAPS Tumour Necrosis Factor Receptor Associated Periodic Fever Syndrome (aka Familial Hibernian Periodic Fever Syndrome) Genetic Testing

Molecular testing for disease susceptibility


Prenatal testing including:
   o First and Second Trimester screening
   o Integrated screening

  • FB-hCG; PAPP-A; uE3: AFP

For a complete list of Molecular Genetics Test Menu and Pre Natal Testing Test Menu 2011.

For further information or clarification of the fee, please call 02 9855 5369 or 1800 010 447.