"Local Management. Global Advantage"


The Sonic Clinical Trials laboratory provides a dedicated, superior service exclusively in support of clinical trials. We personalise our service, catering for each client’s unique study requirements, by offering flexible service options, high quality results and local project management.  

In addition to the depth of experience provided by the central laboratory team in Macquarie Park, Sydney, Sonic Clinical Trials can draw upon the vast infrastructure and resources of Sonic Healthcare’s global group of diagnostic practices to provide a broader range of services and medical expertise. Our laboratories are of the highest standard and are fully accredited with the National Testing Authorities. All Sonic Healthcare practices are medically managed and so are well placed to appreciate the special needs of the Clinical Trials environment.

We have assembled the most cost-effective, competitively-priced and efficient portfolio of laboratory services to support clinical trials in the region. The development of a Study Specifications Document (SSD) will drive the customisation of the database to ensure all aspects of the service are specifically tailored to assist in efficient data capture and management.

Services include:

  • Dedicated project managers
  • Study specific sample collection kits and documentation
  • Expert client support services
  • Regional logistics expertise
  • Customised data management and reporting
  • Extensive testing portfolio
  • Sample storage and management services
  • Quality Assurance

For further information:

Phone: (02) 9855 6000       Fax: (02) 9855 6001    Web: www.sonicclinicaltrials.com.au