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Cardiology Services have Specialist Cardiologists reporting on all ECGs, Holter monitors and  Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitors. A Cardiologist is on call, 7 days a week, to 10.00pm. A team of experienced cardiac technicians are available Monday-Saturday. We can provide an urgent ECG service with 1-2 hour turnaround time and urgent Holter monitor service is available with 36 hour turnaround time.  

All our collection centres are equipped with ECG machines. No appointment is required. Patients will receive an account for this test. The out-of-pocket expense for an ECG, which has been read by a cardiologist, will be $50*.

A referring doctor may request us to:

• Perform and report the ECG (full ECG service)
• Perform the ECG and return the trace ("trace only ECG")
• Report on an ECG already performed by the doctor
("report only ECG")

Holter monitors for elective investigations are provided by appointment through any of our collection centres.

• An urgent Holter monitor service is available on request
• The Holter result is issued as a full, typed report. The recording is first analysed by a Cardiac  Technician, who edits the data to produce a comprehensive report including a 24 hour disclosure.The result is then reviewed by our Cardiologist who issues the final report

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is available at selected pathology collection centres. An appointment is required for this service
• Highly accurate measurements are taken every half hour during the day and every hour during the night
• A Day/Night button allows for statistically accurate evaluation of Day/Night phases as well as an exact documentation of the early blood pressure rise
• A graphical report is generated plotting blood pressure versus time
• All results are reviewed and reported on by one of our Specialist Cardiologists
• At present, this service does not attract a Medicare rebate and patients will be billed privately

* July 2013