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Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology is delighted to have extended our commitment to you and now offers a unique centre of excellence in gynaecological pathology - GynaePath. 

GynaePath is a specialist gynaecological pathology unit within, and supported by, the full resources of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, Australia's largest pathology laboratory. It is essentially a boutique 'practice within a practice', solely dedicated to excellence in gynaecological histopathology and cytology.

GynaePath uses distinctive, customised, pink request forms and report stationery. All Cervical Screening Tests and gynae histopathology are streamed within the DHM laboratory, processed separately, handled by dedicated staff and reported exclusively with the unique expertise of a team of internationally recognised specialist gynaecological pathologists, spearheaded by Adjunct Professor Annabelle Farnsworth (Director of GynaePath) and Professor Peter Russell.


Specialist Gynaecological Pathologists

The GynaePath concept promotes the pooling and enrichment of specialist expertise, in order to create what is not only the largest specialist gynaecological and reproductive pathology practice in Australia, but also an unparalleled centre of excellence in gynaecological pathology.

GynaePath pathologists are actively involved with numerous professional committees and organisations, forging relationships with clinicians and special interest groups at national and international levels. They are strongly committed to teaching and research, and many hold academic appointments. We have established easy access to this pathologist group - facilitating consultation services for gynaecologists, GPs and women's health practitioners.

All our pathologists are readily available for telephone consultation.

General Enquiry Contact Details

All Hours    (02) 9855 5222
Gynaecological Pathologists (general number) (02) 9855 6200
Toll Free      
1800 222 365 (within Australia)
Results 1800 555 100 (within Australia)


Pathologist Telephone
Adj Prof Annabelle Farnsworth (02) 9855 5180
Prof Peter Russell (02) 9855 6210
Dr Erica Ahn (02) 9855 5482
Dr Clare Biro (02) 9855 5420
Dr Suzanne Hyne (02) 9855 5078
Prof Richard Jaworski (02) 9855 5228
Dr Debra Jensen (02) 9855 5157
Dr Helen Ogle (02) 9855 5156
Dr Simon Palfreeman (02) 4904 9615
Dr Jennifer Roberts (02) 9855 5486
Dr Cate Trebeck (02) 9855 5543

GynaePath Scientific Team

GynaePath pathologists are ably supported by the skilled, dedicated staff of the GynaePath cytology and histopathology departments, headed by Adele Richards and Grant Taggart respectively. All of our scientists are well qualified and highly motivated to provide and maintain highest quality results, using uncompromising standards of equipment and technology.

GynaePath cytologists comprise one of the largest and most experienced teams in Australia.
The cytology operation is further supported by a dedicated statistician and researcher.