About Barratt & Smith Pathology

Barratt & Smith Pathology (BSP) – a sister laboratory of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology – provides comprehensive, high quality pathology services across Western Sydney, regional and rural New South Wales and North-Western Victoria.

With the principal laboratory located in Penrith, to the west of Sydney, and regional laboratories in Orange, Bathurst and Mildura, Barratt & Smith Pathology offers a highly professional and personalised service to medical specialists, general practitioners, private hospitals and nursing homes. 

Barratt & Smith Pathology’s regional laboratories are strategically placed to offer comprehensive routine and emergency pathology services for clinicians and private hospitals local to those areas and to ensure the rapid turnaround of results. All Barratt & Smith Pathology’s regional laboratories are directly connected to our central laboratory, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, the largest private pathology facility in Australia.

Barratt & Smith Pathology is medically led by local pathologists who offer an outstanding depth and breadth of specialist expertise in all areas of pathology. Dr Marcella Roman is the Director of Penrith and Mildura laboratories and Dr Gregory Rhodes is the Director of Orange and Bathurst laboratories. 

Well known in the medical community for dedication to quality medical practice, Barratt & Smith Pathology continues to demonstrate long-term commitment to supporting local communities throughout Penrith, Mildura, Bathurst, Orange and surrounding areas. 

Our history

Dr Michael Barratt and Dr Dermer Smith founded Barratt & Smith Pathology in 1971–72. In 1996, Barratt & Smith Pathology merged with a highly professional and ethical pathology practice, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, part of the Sonic Healthcare group of practices. Sonic Healthcare is an Australian-owned, publicly listed company, providing pathology, radiology and clinical services. 

In joining Sonic Healthcare, a decentralised federation of companies, Barratt & Smith Pathology maintained its local presence, enhancing its established reputation and close relationships with the medical communities it serves.

All Sonic Healthcare practices are medically managed, and so are well placed to appreciate the special needs of clinicians and patients. The CEO of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology and Barratt & Smith Pathology, Dr Colin Goldschmidt, is a pathologist. Pathologists are central to the operations of all Sonic laboratories.