Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology aim to provide the highest quality service to all patients and clinicians. We therefore value your feedback and suggestions.

Our Liaison Managers are available for all your enquiries and welcome any input you feel may help us to maintain a high standard of excellence.  Alternatively, please contact the Client Services Manager or the Quality & Improvement Manager. If you would like to provide feedback about our collection rooms, or services provided by our collection rooms, please fill out an online "Feedback Form"  which is automatically returned to us when you use the submit button at the end of the form, or you may obtain a paper version from any of our collection centres and return via the centre, or mail using the pre-paid envelope supplied. Alternatively, please contact the Patient Services Manager directly.


 Manager  Phone Number
 Email Address
 Lynn Nelson - Quality & Improvement Manager  (02) 9855 5359
 Veronica Ticehurst - Patient Services Manager  (02) 9855 5384
 Zita Dettori - Client Services Manager  (02) 9855 6070