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GynaePath 08-02-2018

GynaePath offers the unique expertise of a team of internationally recognised specialist gynaecological pathologists, headed by Adj. Professor Annabelle Farnsworth (Director of GynaePath) and Professor Peter Russell.

GynaePath pathologists are actively involved with numerous professional committees and organisations, leading the way forward in numerous areas of gynaecological pathology. They have strongly developed relationships with clinicians and special interest groups at national and international level. They are involved in teaching and research, and many hold academic appointments.

Sonic Dx 06-02-2018

Sonic Dx is a revolution in pathology result reporting. This feature-rich interface is fast and easy to use, and is now available on desktop, iPhone/iPad and Android.

Pharmacogenetics Test List 18-01-2018
Doctors' Newsletter Issue 3 2017 09-01-2018

Page 03 
Community Conscience
Dr Colin Goldschmidt

Page 04 
Dientamoeba fragilis: The Burden of Proof
Dr Ian Chambers
Dr Michael Wehrhahn

Page 06
Blood Group Antibody Testing in Pregnancy
Dr Johnathan Blackwell

Page 08
Preconception Carrier Screening  
Dr Kym Mina

Page 10
Helicobacter pylori & Gastric Cancer
Dr Ian Chambers 

Preconception Carrier Screening: Information for Doctors 06-12-2017

Preconception carrier screening can identify individuals or couples at high risk of having a child with a serious heritable disorder. This test is becoming an essential part of prenatal care planning. It allows patients the opportunity to explore their reproductive options, and helps ensure they can make properly informed decisions.

Preconception Carrier Screening: Information for Patients 06-12-2017

Preconception carrier screening is becoming an essential part of pregnancy planning. CF, SMA and FXS are three of the most commonly inherited conditions. People are usually unaware that they are carriers and often do not have a history of these conditions in their family.

Our test will tell you if you are a carrier for three genetic disorders:

  • Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  • Fragile X syndrome (FXS)
Cardiogenetics Panels 16-10-2017
Cardiogenetics: Information for Medical Specialists 16-10-2017
Cardiogenetics: Information for Patients 16-10-2017
Your Comprehensive Genetics Testing Service 16-10-2017

Sonic Genetics brings together the national and international expertise of Sonic Healthcare to provide doctors, patients and families across Australia with a comprehensive range of accredited genetic tests.

As one of Australia's largest private genetic testing facilities, Sonic Genetics understands that genetic testing is a complex and emerging field of medicine. We provide detailed explanations and resources to allow people to make informed choices about medical decisions.

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