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Doctors' Newsletters Issue 2 2018 19-07-2018

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Tumours of the prostate  
Adj. Clin. Prof. Warwick Delprado

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Prostate specific antigen

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Tumours of the testis
Dr Fiona Maclean

Update on Antibiotic Sensitivities 02-07-2018

In 2017, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology identified more than 65,000 E. coli isolates from urine samples collected from people in the community in NSW (not including nursing homes). Thirty thousand Staph aureus isolates were grown from non-urine specimens. We have analysed the antibiotic sensitivities of these and other common organisms, in order to provide a guide to appropriate empiric antibiotic treatment choice.

Medicare criteria for rebates & guidelines for repeat testing July 2018 01-07-2018
Preconception Carrier Screening: Information for Doctors 01-07-2018

Preconception carrier screening can identify individuals or couples at high risk of having a child with a serious heritable disorder. This test is becoming an essential part of prenatal care planning. It allows patients the opportunity to explore their reproductive options, and helps ensure they can make properly informed decisions.

Preconception Carrier Screening: Information for Patients 01-07-2018

Preconception carrier screening is becoming an essential part of pregnancy planning. CF, SMA and FXS are three of the most commonly inherited conditions. People are usually unaware that they are carriers and often do not have a history of these conditions in their family.

Our test will tell you if you are a carrier for three genetic disorders:

  • Cystic fibrosis (CF)
  • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  • Fragile X syndrome (FXS)
Autoantibodies 18-06-2018

Autoantibodies bind non-foreign structures within us and have been found in most well-defined autoimmune disorders. They also occur in other disorders with an inflammatory component and even in some malignant disorders as paraneoplastic phenomena.

Allergy 06-06-2018
Semen Analysis - Fertility (Metro) 24-05-2018
Collection Instructions
Semen Analysis - Post-vasectomy (Metro) 24-05-2018
Collection Instructions
Swab guide 10-05-2018
Collection Guides
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