Pathology Collectors - Information Kit

Apply before: 30 / 06 / 2015
Position Type: Full Time and Part Time
Refcode: (R529)


Part-time pathology collection positions (20 hours per week Monday to Friday plus particiapation in the Saturday roster) are currently available in all areas of Sydney including Northern Beaches and City East Area.  

Previous venepuncture experience is highly desirable, however, on-the-job training will be offered to suitable candidates.

What is a Pathology Collector?

A Pathology Collector works in a Pathology Collection Centre, Hospital, Clinic or Medical Practice or does home visits to take pathology specimens from patients.

Taking pathology specimens generally involves using a needle to take blood specimens from patients.

Other pathology specimens taken by a Pathology Collector may include skin tissue or bodily fluids. 

e.g. Urine, Faeces, Semen, Sputum, Swabs including genital swabs.

Pathology Collectors also conduct tests such as ECG Screening and Holter Monitoring.

These specimens and tests are sent to Pathology Laboratories to assess patients for medical problems.

Pathology Collector Training

Once you gain employment with the Company, you will receive comprehensive, professional training in Pathology Collection.

You will be paid as you learn new skills which will enable you to quickly reach a professional standard in Pathology Collection techniques.

For eligible candidates DHM provides a traineeship program. All employees regardless of previous experience will be required to participate and complete the DHM training program.

The program is completed over a minimum period of 12 months. As part of your training you will receive a comprehensive orientation course, face to face teaching and intensive on the job training and support.

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology is an enterprise RTO (NTIS-91814). At the completion of your training period you may also qualify for Certificate III in Pathology (HLT32612).

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology will also support you in your career by providing you with opportunities for ongoing professional development and prospects to progress with in the company.

We are happy to employ staff who have no experience or qualifications in Pathology Collection.

Work Experience

We are unable to offer pathology collection work experience, however we do encourage you to apply for a position with us if you meet our criteria set out in this pack. 

Training Courses for Pathology Collectors

Applications are now being accepted for the next training group.

Types of Pathology Collector

Douglass Hanly Moir and Barratt and Smith offers full time and part time employment in the following categories.

Domiciliary Pathology Collector - Collects specimens from patients in their homes or in institutions such as aged care facilities. This is a highly personal job, offering home based services to patients who cannot get to a clinic or Collection Centre.

Collection Centre Pathology Collector - Collects specimens from patients in our Collection Centres.  These may be stand alone facilities or attached to doctors' surgeries. Most of our Pathology Collectors are posted to Collection Centres.

Hospital Pathology Collector - Collects specimens from patients in hospitals where we provide pathology services.

Speciality Pathology Collector - Collect specimens from patients in speciality clinics or through corporate and institutional screening services. Speciality Clinics may include facilities such as drug rehabilitation clinics. Speciality screening may be conducted in businesses which require having their employees screened for occupational reasons. 

What skills and personal qualities do I need to be a Pathology Collector?

The job is a highly responsible one requiring a

  • commitment to provide excellent medical care for patients
  • commitment to provide excellent service to doctors and medical scientific staff
  • excellent record keeping skills
  • good written and oral communication skills
  • physically capable of assisting less mobile patients and doing procedures. 


What does the job of Pathology Collector offer me?

A Pathology Collector enjoys a rewarding job offering

  • supportive team environment
  • high level of professional training in a Certificate III in Pathology
  • professional and personal support by being a member of NSW's premier Pathology practice
  • a high degree of personal responsibility
  • flexible work arrangements
  • complete Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology and Barratt and Smith Pathology uniform. 


How do I know that I'd like to be a Pathology Collector?

If you answer 'yes' to these questions you will have the potential to be a successful Pathology Collector.

(you are not required to send your answers as part of you application)

This work requires a great deal of accuracy and consideration. Will you find doing basic medical procedures challenging and rewarding?

Pathology Collectors take Pathology specimens. Taking pathology specimens generally involves using a needle to take blood specimens from patients. Other pathology specimens taken by a Pathology Collector may include body/skin tissue or fluid.  They also conduct tests such as ECGs. 

Yes  No

Do I like a job which provides guidance and direction yet allows me the responsibility to perform at my best?

Pathology Collectors need to work to strict protocols and procedures. This is important in order to

  • protect patient health, maintain their security and treat them with respect
  • ensure that specimens are not tainted or spoiled
  • protect their personal safety.
Yes  No

Do I have the patience and empathy to work with patients?

Interpersonal skills, sometimes in a difficult environment, are important. We are dealing with patients, some of whom are vulnerable and frightened. In any case, dealing with people in a caring environment requires particular caring skills.

Yes  No

Can I deal with our referring doctors and our medical, scientific and support staff in a courteous and professional manner?

Maintaining good working relations with our doctors and our medical, scientific and support staff is important to provide good quality care and to ensure a successful practice. 

Yes  No

 Am I physically capable of

  • assisting patients who have mobility problems or who are disabled
  • assisting patients who may find the procedures distressing or uncomfortable
  • driving for extended periods and continually getting in and out of cars and carrying collecting equipment when doing domiciliary visits?

While the duties of a Pathology Collector do not generally require heavy lifting, there are occasions when patients who have mobility problems require assistance, for example, on and off beds, etc. in the Collection Rooms. Occasionally patients have fainted during procedures and they require assistance. Additionally, taking specimens requires bending, reaching and twisting. Doing domiciliary runs requires a physical effort to continually get in and out of cars.

It is essential, therefore, that Pathology Collectors have the physical fitness to do these physical and often repetitive tasks.

As a responsible employer, Douglass Hanly Moir and Barratt and Smith have a duty of care to our staff not to exacerbate existing injuries or to cause new ones. It is essential that all Pathology Collectors have the necessary physical attributes and standard of health to do the job.

Applicants will be asked to sign a statement about their physical and medical status prior to employment. They may also be required to undertake an occupational physical and/or medical examination before an offer of employment can be made.

Yes  No


What else do I need to do to become a Pathology Collector?

To become a Pathology Collector it is essential that you

  • have a First Aid Certificate (to be completed by week 7 of starting work)
  • are Vaccinated or immune against specified infectious diseases (proof to be obtained during the initial training period. See 'Vaccinations', the next point in this pack.)
  • be an Australian Resident or have an appropriate work visa.

Having a current NSW Driver's Licence is essential. (To be a Domiciliary Pathology Collector you must have an unrestricted NSW Drivers' licence.)

Use of Personal Car for Business Purposes

It is company policy to provide company vehicles for company purposes, however, from time to time or in particular areas and regions, Pathology Collectors may be asked to use their personal car on company business. This would generally be for Domiciliary visits or to provide relief. The company provides a vehicle allowance to cover the reimbursement of cost for this; however it will be a requirement that staff who do use their car have motor vehicle insurance for business purposes.  


All healthcare workers in New South Wales, including Pathology Collectors, are required by the NSW Department of Health to be able to provide evidence of protection against, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella (Chickenpox).

Evidence of protection is a written record of

  • vaccination, and/or
  • serological confirmation of protection (proof of immunity) provided by your medical practitioner. 


What are Pathology Collectors paid?

Employment rate: From $20.4479 per hour depending on service and experience

Where will I be working?

We operate in Sydney, and regional areas of New South Wales. We serve to Port Macquarie in the north, to Wagga Wagga in the south, to Mildura in the south west and west to Dubbo.

You will be employed within a Region or Area. Each Region or Area consists of a number of Collection Centres. You will not be assigned to any one particular Collection Centre.

We will try to employ you within a convenient distance to your home.

Douglass Hanly Moir and Barratt and Smith operating areas are:

Metropolitan                                                                                                                      Regional

Camden/Fairfield                                                                                                             Central Coast

City East                                                                                                                                   Dubbo

Greater West                                                                                                                   Hunter Valley

North Shore                                                                                                          Manning/Great Lakes

North West                                                                                                                              Mildura

Northern Beaches                                                                                                               New England

South West                                                                                                                            Newcastle

Southern Suburbs                                                                                                                North Coast

Penrith & Blue Mountains                                                                                                  Wagga Wagga


When will I be working?

Shifts starting no earlier than 6.00 am finishing no later than 7:00 pm with the exception of hospital based staff who will be rostered according to the hospital's needs.

There will generally be a requirement to work some Saturdays on a rotating roster. 

Our Values

We take our values seriously. They underlie all our relationships at work and define the behaviour of all employees. All employees are expected to live these values at work.

Our motto: "Quality is in our DNA"

Our Values

Commit to Service Excellence

Willingly to serve with whom we deal with unsurpassed excellence.

Treat each other with Respect & Honesty

To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit and equity are an integral part of everything we do

Demonstrate responsibility & Accountability

To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability and to seek help when needed.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement

Never be complacent, to recognise limitations an d opportunities for ourselves and processes and to learn through these.

Maintain Confidentiality

With regard to patient records and all information pertaining to patient as well  as other professional and commercial issues.


Assessment of applications

Applications will be assessed on the applicants' match to the job criteria and the information requested in the 'How do I apply?' section of this information pack.

Applications must be received at least five weeks before the start of the traineeship.

Applicants may expect an initial telephone interview with progression to a formal interview. The formal interview will be held at least three weeks prior to the commencement of the traineeship.

Late applications or those applicants who cannot be accommodated in the current traineeship, will be considered for the next available training course.

Applicants for this position must have the appropriate working rights to work in Australia, and will be required to sign an acceptance that the Company may conduct a police check.

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology is an equal opportunity employer.

How do I apply?

Email your application to the Human Resources Department

quoting Reference Number (R529) in the subject line of your email


Apply online

Your application containing the following information: 

  1. your full name
  2. your address
  3. your contact telephone number
  4. your highest formal education level
  5. relevant qualifications in the medical field (these are desirable but not essential)
  6. employment history - Your employment record for the past 3 years including

                          I.      employers' name 

                          II.     your job title     

                          III.    brief description of your duties

                          IV.     the reason why you left.

               7.    a statement why you think you would make a good Pathology Collector

               8.    your preference for full time, part time and/or casual employment

               9.    the names of  two work related referees and their contact details

               10.   if you have been employee of a Sonic Healthcare practice, where and when were you employed

What Happens Next? 

1.      Your application will be assessed to see if you have successfully met all the selection criteria

2.      If your application indicates that you have met the selection criteria, you will be contacted by phone by a Clinical Supervisor to answer a few preliminary questions

3.      If the Supervisor assesses that you have initially been successful in meeting our standards, you will be invited to attend an interview.

4.      You will be asked to complete the Fitness for Work Declaration before being interviewed by the Manager and Clinical Supervisor who will be your potential supervisors.

5.      Subject to your health assessment and interview, you will be scheduled to undertake Certificate III training in Pathology Collection.

Fitness for Work Declaration

This declaration will be given to applicants to complete before their interview.

This form is for information only and should NOT be filled in at this stage

Fitness for Work Declaration - Pathology Collection Applicants


This Declaration must be completed by all applicants who have been selected for interview

An illness, injury or disability is NOT a barrier to the consideration of an application for employment. This information is necessary to enable Douglass Hanly Moir/Barratt and Smith Pathology to provide you with a safe system of work in the event that you are offered employment, and to enable the provision of appropriate assistance. The disclosure of any such information will not be used to discriminate against you because of the existence of any such disability or medical condition.

 Please answer each question by circling Yes or No. If you circle yes, please provide details.

Are you currently being treated for any illness, injury or disability (physical or psychological) that may affect your ability to safely perform your job? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Are you currently taking any medicines, tablets or other treatments that may affect your ability to safely perform your job? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Have you had any reaction to using soaps or hand washing lotions? NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Have you had any reaction to wearing personal protective equipment (gloves, glasses): NO / YES (If YES, give details)

Have you a condition illness or disability that affects your ability to drive a vehicle (eg epilepsy)?

NO / YES (If YES, give details)

 Has your health been affected by any of the following tasks?

Reaching above shoulder height or lifting items of < 15 kgs: NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Kneeling and / or bending regularly: NO / YES (If YES, give details
Prolonged sitting or driving a vehicle up to 100 kms: Regularly entering and exiting a vehicle. NO / YES (If YES, give details)
Typing, data entry and use of visual display unit (computer screen) for up to 2 hours per day: NO / YES (If YES, give details)
During the course of previous employment have you made any Worker's Compensation claims? If yes, has the claim been finalised? If not finalised, give details: NO / YES   
Have you ever received any payment, involving your resignation from employment, in redemption of a liability under a Worker's Compensation Act? If yes, please provide details of the date of resignation and name of employing authority in which resignation took effect: NO / YES    


I certify that the above information is to the best of my knowledge true and correct and that I have no condition or injury that would preclude me from undertaking the full range of duties and tasks as indicated in the Pathology Collector Information Pack. I understand that a false declaration may result in my contract of employment with Douglass Hanly Moir/Barratt and Smith Pathology being terminated without notice.

Full name: (please print clearly)

Applicant's Signature





Refer to OH&S Manager and Workers Compensation Coordinator if response to any question is 'Yes".
OH&S Manager / Workers Compensation Coordinator   


Human Resource Coordinator to confirm offer of employment  arrange medical  




If you are having difficulty applying online

Email your application to the Human Resources Department

quoting Reference Number (R151) in the subject line of your email


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Position Name: Pathology Collectors - Information Kit
Position Type: Full Time and Part Time
Refcode: (R529)

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